In hospital, med changes, feeling hopeful

Going to all groups
Talking to other patients (not even shaking)
Am now on ativan 1mg twice daily and 10 mg olanzapine twice daily.

Im not as tired as i thought id be. I feel happy and calm. Like i know what to do to move forward, which i blame ocd type symptoms for making me stare at a wall all day. So thank you ativan.

Idk, i really hope this feeling and thought space stays. May have just found the combo that works for me.

abilify 400 mg
vyvanse 60 mg
escitalopram 10 mg
olanzapine 10 mg (x2)
Ativan 1mg (x2)


Fingers crossed that things continue in a good way for you. I know you were going through a rough patch recently.

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Glad you sought some help when you needed it. Hope it all gets sorted and your out and about better!

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Good luck @anon99233869!

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Good luck I wish you the best. Hope the medicine combo works for you!

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Glad youre feeling better man! Interesting that they have you on vyvanse, I thought that increased risk of psychosis?

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Good update, wish all the best for you, are they doing CBT in your groups?

I got some of that one time.

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Sounds like some good changes!

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I take the vyvanse for adhd and negative/cognitive symptoms. It does increase risk. However after 3 years of being on and off prescribed amphetamines, ive found that being on one equals someone who can recovery vs when off, someone who is very low functioning. Varies quite a bit person to person. Surprisingly amphetamine is prescribed quite a bit for schizophrenics, especially those of clozaril (apparently).

Im not sure. One of them was a life skills group with heavy group participation and going off topic and sort out personal problems.

Ive never done cbt so im not sure what it should look like.

Happy and calm is a good thing! I hope you just keep getting better! :smiley:

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