I'm worried about Phil

he left 3 hours ago to go shopping 20 miles away,
and he brought 4 beers in his lunch cooler,
and he’s not answering his phone,
or calling me back.

it’s a beautiful day here, maybe he’s down by
the river.

and also his heart and blood pressure aren’t right,
we bought a new kit with insurance money,
it detected it. so he could be in hospital right now.

I’m sure he’s okay @Daze , don’t stress.



Most likely he’s fine @Daze


yeah, but why wouldn’t he be answering his phone,
he always picks up when he knows it’s me calling.

He’s back home. something inside of Hummie flew off on the highway that a mechanic did wrong, so he there for awhile, probably screaming, and now he’s screaming at me for being worried.


I’m sorry he’s not well. I’m especially sorry he’s not communicating with you while that’s going on


he’s okay. it was just his Hummie.

not sure why he didn’t call me or text,
and when he got home he took it out

all his anger on me. just verbally.

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I’m glad he’s okay


I’d have been worried too, I’m glad everything turned out alright except for his temper.

Well I’m glad he’s ok

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I hope he’s okay. I will keep my fingers crossed.

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