I'm terrified my pdoc is going to change my med's

I’m getting signals from different places that the pdoc at the assisted living center where I live is going to change my med’s. I might accept it if he changes my med’s to another atypical. If he tries to change me to a typical I am going to refuse to take it. He might commit me so they can make me take a typical AP. I will demand a jury trial over my commitment, and I will make written statements at the mental hospital where they will make me stay. There is no reason my pdoc should change my med’s. I’ve been stable and there have been no precipitating incidents. This change of med’s by my doctor is nothing but a power trip, and I am going to fight it with all my might, even though it might cost me everything.

Wow. They can’t have you committed surely?Just refuse the med change, say you’re happily stable. Unless he can provide a compelling reason, like it’s affecting your health.

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You’d be surprised at what they can do. They have a lot of power. If I keep my head I can probably fight a commitment effectively, but if they’re decided, they will commit me no matter how many rules they have to break. I hate psychiatrists. They have God complexes, and they won’t hesitate to hurt you for really petty stuff. They’re bitter because they have to listen to people’s problems all day, even though they do get paid over $100.00 an hour to do it. They’re very conscious of their power, and they use it in non-therapeutic ways. I’ve never seen a person helped by a psychiatrist. I’ve seen them helped in other ways, but not by a psychiatrist. If someone you know needs help don’t send them to a psychiatrist.

Tell them that you are doing fine on your meds now, see what they will say.

You might be pleasantly surprised.

just tell them you are doing fine on the meds you are on now. you have a right to fight for yourself and you have a say in your mental health care.

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there are volunteer lawyers maybe. They can guide you to appropriate steps. Even if they cannot take your case on fully.

He must have a reason for wanting to change them. it may be a sucky reason but I doubt that this guy is sitting in his office one day and he says to himself, " You know, I feel like f*cking with someones
meds, I think I’ll change Crimby’s meds just because I want power over him." No matter how stupid it is, there has to be a reason why he wants to change your meds besides a power trip. Plus, you don’t know for sure if he’s going to change them, right?