I'm still scared and creeped out

I had a friend who starting taking meds and drinking really heavily with it.
She started hooking up making out in public which she has the right.
But she would tell her ex that she loves him while she’s doing that.

He got fed up and put everything that she ever gifted him in a box and left it at the door of her dorm.

She made a false report to the police that he raped her friend and was stalking her.
The police made him sign a restraining order.

But she showed up to the bar minutes after he arrived the very next day even tho she promised not to get anywhere near that area since he hangs there.

This is the same kid that reported me to the school for harassment because I told her and ex to pls stop slamming the door and yelling harsh stuff to me while I’m hanging out with my friends at the bar. my professor just told me that I can’t control what other ppl do outside. And because I lost my temper and just cursed them out it’s my fault.

I’ve been telling him for months this was happening and he told me just ignore it. Never got involved. I ignored it for that entire time. But when I finally told them that i was fed up with it. But he didnt even say that they shouldnt have done what they did.

I stopped talking to him right after graduation. And im not hanging with ppl like that or having girlfriends like that anymore.
I was so confused. Afterwards I thought of the moments before their excessive drinking and I thought things were so chill me my ex that girl and her ex. Hanging out was really fun. I felt like I had friends that I could truly trust and a girl that really accepted me. But idk maybe it really was just too good to be true.
I cant trust anyone anymore. Or more so to the degree that I did. I feel like my heart really closed up cuz I have to be smarter about who I hang with and communicate with. This is not good for ppl with schizo I’ll tell u that.

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Man, alcoholism is a hell of a thing.

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I’m not saying I’m a saint either but that teacher was something else too

He had all the students on his messenger app which he made us join so he could post “school work” yet he was texting us through it and kept sending us memes. Mind u we are an all women’s college so this is not a good look.

He held parties with 20 something of us and he would be the only male there.
I tried not to care cuz I just saw him as a teacher who cared.

I was chill with him so during the Xmas party he gifted me a book he doesn’t need anymore. But he gave other girls expensive perfume and accessories which was way too personal.

I didn’t have a good feeling about him but the other girls didn’t say much either cuz the school would warn him but he never caught on so they just left it :confused:

That’s totally unprofessional of him. I can’t suggest a course of action though.

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Neither can anyone else. Lol

I’m guessing cuz it was him he didn’t feel that the way those other kids are behaving were a problem worth confronting at least once. Lol

The thing is I was really confused. Thought a lot of my falling out stuff with my friends and ex were my fault to the point where I missed them a lot.

But the biggest red flag was this teacher being like “it seems like she still cares about u” “maybe u guys can become friends again”
It was so confusing I was just thinking if I’m gonna be in ur office why would I become friends with her.

I took his advice genuinely to the point where I fed myself this idea that I could get my ex back if I just give it time. But what’s done is done. She was always wasted and so were the other guys.

Now I remember this prof told me he’s a recovering alcoholic. :expressionless:

Are you effing kidding me? He hosts parties where he’s the only guy? That’s the biggest red flag I’ve heard of in my life.

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Yeaaa and the thing is he never has done anything particularly crazy.

But he would get super emotional about his life not going well and cry in front of his students. He would even have them come to his office to work on assignments and just cry to them or rant.

We care about him and appreciate his contributions as a teacher just some moments we felt for a lack of a better word uncomfortable.

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Just seems to me like an all female school would hire all female teachers.

This show called Zoey 101 came out when I was a teenager, about a boy going to an all girls school, and I was like man that would be paradise. I’m pretty sure that’s what every guy thinks about a situation like that.

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A lot of unis of all women have men working there and the thing is that’s fine.

But the other guys weren’t too fond of him either. I think he put them at having a bad rep

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When he told me that because I had my little outburst I made ppl feel like they were harassed I pretty much laughed.

I thought it was best to just delete ppl who I’ve had conflict with from my contacts. So when he asked me for an update and I told him he said I was being too harsh lol

Meanwhile ur texting us memes and reviews on different deli foods.
All my classmates felt overwhelmed.
We muted the chat cuz we couldn’t leave the group since he was our thesis supervisor.

I’m so happy I finally graduated.

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I’ve heard several girls talk about someone using the power of their position to force unwanted advances on them - the gym coach, the preacher, the manager. It’s an odious thing to do. It’s also totally unprofessional. It deserves to be exposed, publicly.

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yeaaa i mean
the sad part is hes a really good teacher and i know hes only trying to help us.

but its just unsettling how he doesnt see any of this as a problem. lololol

ive never heard of anyone getting any type of weird physical treatment, ive never experienced that.
everythings fine. i just dont see why he doesnt change it if he knows it is overwhelming other ppl.

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