I'm so stupid somebody could get hurt

Ever had moments like that? I am so grateful I live in a home.

you are not stupid chordy…i think you are a nice person. :sunny:
take care :alien:

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No, darksith, I am being real about my cognitive difficulties. I have put people in potentially hurtful circumstances because I thought I knew what I was doing and didn’t. Now, I am aware of my limitations - that is the only part of me that you could say is not stupid. At least I know it.


I have a few giant areas of stupidity. Like you, I’m fortunate I live in a home.

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Which is crucial. One can only hope to fix what one can face, after all. I’ve had to re-learn that lesson a thousand times.

chordy. sounds like you are feeling guilty over something you shouldn’t be responsible for. that would make anyone feel stupid but it “ain’t so.”


me too :frowning:

i am a bit stupid sometimes as well, i think we all are.

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I am a little limiting,don’t know if I’ll change…

I’ve come so close to catastrophe many times because of my own stupidity. Someone must be watching out for me.