I'm so far out of it - terrified of returning sex drive If I change meds

Anyone else had a several year break from being sexually functional ?
And then did you swap meds and get a huge sex drive back?
I don’t know how important it is to me any more they are saying it’s Up to me
To change meds to lower my prolactin
I’ve been sexually :skull:
For about as long as I’ve known my husband
Abilify will allow my prolactin and weight to fall
don’t know if it’s worth it
Imagine how exposing and teenager and crazy that could get in public and petrified of my husband to boot
I am terrified to be in the same room or house where any man lives with whom I have a sexual relationship with
I could never have coped with marriage
I’ll get all suffragettes and hidden cameras and mixed messages
Or is that what life is about and I just forgot
Living with men raised my anxiety to 10 /10
I lasted about a week, twice many years apart
Maybe 8 years of history with living with him might help but psychosis trumps reality pun intended

If I’m understanding what you’re saying correctly, I think you’re likely worrying about it too much. Getting your sex drive back doesn’t mean you’ll be at an 11 and wanting it all the time. It may be gradual and there’s no guarantee it’ll fully return.

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i would suggest adding on an ssri to try and reign it in. ever since i started on fluvoxamine i haven’t had so intense of a sex drive.