I'm sad to day

I’m sad to day. For a while I have been texting someone and now he doesn’t want us to be texting Any more. Of course it makes sense because we are on each side of the world, and it would be pretty stupid if something were to develope from it. But I still feel sad. Feel like I’m far away from everything.

I moved overseas for love once back in the noughties. Was great but it costs so much. Twenty years later i’m still paying back ! Its cool and all but find someone closer is my advice.


Thank you. It has nothing to do with love, I just enjoyed our e-mails, very much, but I do understand that it can seem pointless texting each other back and forth, when you cannot just go out together and grap a Coffee.
Just curious did you regret moving across the sea? And did you return back home again? My cousin were having a boyfriend in Colorado once (we are from Denmark) and considered moving to be with him, but it didn’t last that long.

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It was great. Amazing experience but it was so expensive. When I moved to the Us from Australia the aussie dollar was 50 cents. Basically all my money halved…I still talk to my ex on fb messenger etc and we are still close…I understand why people stop it though…it can be tough.

It must have been a great experience. I’m glad that you’re still on good terms with your ex.
Are you back in Australia by now?
I just feel kind of empty
But I guess it is a long story, I went through some kind of break up, and then I suddenly realized that I felt happy when I received and e-mail from across the sea.

don’t be sad you will have a better day 2morrow.shine on.

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Thank you. I’m just feeling a little empty. I could very fast be addicted to attention sometimes.

I just feel incredibly stupid. I don’t know what I have expected. Sometimes I have a Hard time just living in reality.

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