I'm pooped after a hard day

really knackered tonight, i’ve been out all day from 11am to 8pm,

i went to costa cafe then went to a drying out clinic with a friend on the train and back to support him, went back to the cafe and the went to my mums and dropped my aunty off at the airport now just in, phew,

do you ever get days like this when you do a lot and you get really tired/stressed later.

so i’ve made some tea and i’ll put youtube on and probably go to a chat site to loosen up (or try to), take care.

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I thought you said you pooped :poop: A lot :slightly_frowning_face:


lol, happy cake day btw

I get these days all the time. I have a friend I hang out with a lot, and even though I love him to death, the first thing I do whem I get home is go straight to sleep because I’m so exhausted.

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Am really impressed by how much you achieve buddy. You deserve some credit :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m completely exhausted today and I did nothing. :tired_face:

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yeah that can happen as well @everhopeful

thanks @Jimbob

@Berru you must do more than me then lol

suppose it just depends how you feel, everyone has their own things that they find hard, can be little or large things, i was doing easy things today but it was a lot of easy things, the hardest thing i did was actually talking to a 6 yr old about minecraft and fidget spinners lol kids can really wear me out sometimes.