I'm not taking Meds regularly - not purposely

I’ve not been taking it seriously. I’m fine though and it kinda of makes me wonder if I need them.

Get back on your meds on a regular basis @anon80629714
Or at least discuss your situation with your psychiatrist and set up a plan together.
Do not attempt to come off of your meds on your own!

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I don’t plan to come off Meds it’s never the intention but it’s just that once I miss one dose I’m like what harm will it do if I skip one more

No, as tempting as it may seem, it’s the wrong thing to do.
Missing MEDS here and there can be very risky.
You may end up destabilized and going backwards.

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Ok Skippy…

My mom gives me mine

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I know it’s hard to take it seriously. I got lazy after I lost my job

Don’t give up.
Your too young for that.