I'm not delusional. I don't have schizophrenia

all of that illuminati and reptillian stuff, will give people a mental illness. Just you believing it can lead you to metal illness, just check yourself your not based in the reality that normal people are in, normal people dont think about reptillian aliens, they dont even know it exists. You can research it all you want and eventually youll start to believe. But if you look at it with reality glasses on, there is no proof of reptillian aliens no pictures no proof of truth of it, and until there is, im gonna forget about it, cause its just a waste of time thinking about it. It will only make you delusional. Being isolated and doing drugs will only reinforce the delusion. You dont have schizophrenia yet but if you keep doing what your doing you will get schizophrenia, the delusions will turn into reality and you will start to hear voices. Thats how it starts with delusions


Keep taking your meds @StonePaperScissors.

I wish I knew what to say.

It’s delusional to think that you can become God and destroy all sentient life.

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This is how I feel as well. Not happy myself with the SZ diagnosis.

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xTry to detach from these conditions/and deprogram from the illusions you tell yourself.

Yeah I did shrooms once, scary it was worse than the worst schizophrenic episode. The mind consciousness is capable of anything–I do believe humans can manifest their desires. But people get stuck in these fear-based patterns the secret to energy is creating a better world within you–and is hard to master–meditation, peace, stillness becomes the focus the journey becomes more beautiful than the mountain tops you want to reach to overcome the madness. I found peace in my own inner wisdom. I do not need to be acknowledged by others.


Saying you’re not delusional or schizophrenic, and then proceeding to explain your schizophrenic delusions would be like me claiming I’m not lactose intolerant, i just fart and have diarrhea when I consume dairy :grimacing:


wtf, your talking nonsense again take your meds man. stop it with this god thing. Your not god. stop this Repitilian bs. Its getting annoying. You need professional help.


Do behave Miika. Lactose intolerance is no excuse for such displays. :sweat_smile:

I fart in your general direction!

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