I'm not a mind reader

why does everyone assume I know what they are thinking? my in laws expect me to know what to do all the time without anyone telling me what I am suppose to do. my father in law said during dinner, “how was work today? i’ll tell you how my day was I spent all day under a truck hood and now I have to shovel the side walk” it was his way of telling me to shovel the front side walk. I didn’t know that needed done, he could have just asked me he didn’t have to be a sarcastic dick about it.

My partner usually tells me what to do, if I don’t know what to do I feel confused

Maybe just ignore him? Or say, I have a shovel if you’d like to borrow one.

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i would have got in trouble if I had talked back, they can’t handle it when I defend myself. usually that results in me getting kicked out and getting sent to “kyle land” as my in laws call it. (kyle is my asshole brother). they use it has a means to punish me.

Ah. I hear ya. My parents get mad at me for doing things they tell me to do. They always told me to complain when I didn’t get something that I wanted/needed ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’. And then they get all pissy when I speak up.

They also have enough money for a maid to come every two weeks but now a car. I can’t do jack without a car. All the jobs I want to apply to (any job in other words) require a drivers license and a car. I think my mom is afraid of having an empty nest again.

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