Im in an uncompetitive malaise

with everything…work, girls, my body. I used to be competitive until I started drinking. that kind of made me laid back and im still stuck like this even though I rarely drink anymore.

I feel like I need to start taking things personally and getting competitive again to advance my life. is that what it takes? im honestly a better and more content person now then before but I get nowhere.

I don’t know. I’m bumping this up in case someone else knows! Anyone???

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Why competition? Why not try joining groups and cooperate ?

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yeah maybe. im guess im just thinking I need to get my drive back and compete to be the best me. cooperation could be a part of that.

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I hate the concept of competing for a girl, if I’m ever in a situation like that the other guy can have her I don’t play games yo!

I only get competitive with online gaming.

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Lived a lot of years just existing. Big turnaround for me was getting a fitbit and getting fitter. The trade off was better motivation and more engagement in my life. It was a small thing to do but such a worthwhile thing to improve my life.

You have to start somewhere. Just start exercising and keeping tabs on what you do. A little improvement every week and your on your way! It really can make a difference!


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