Im hearing lots of noises and they are trying to prove something

im hearing lot of noises and they are trying to prove some thing that every year happens and right now its affecting my body my senses im suffering schizophernia from 4 years help me please

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When did you see your psychiatrist last? Are you taking your meds as prescribed?

i saw sychatrist 4 years ago i dint met him in 3 years so he gave me leave this years january now its starting again ya i have got medicine as pescribed but i have less medicines

Can you call and get an appointment to get back on meds?

yes i can but is it better for go to hdf holistic doctor instead of psychatrist

Hdf? Does this holistic doctor prescribed antipsychotics? Because if not, I really suggest you see a psychiatrist.

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no i mean sdf holistic

What is sdf?

this is sdf holistic is indian medicine i dunno full form but u can google it

Okay, I looked it up. You definitely need to see a real psychiatrist.

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No. That will make you more sick and put your health in real danger. Please see medical doctors, not scam artists promoting holistic garbage.

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i was undergoing treatment from physiotherapist now my father is directly buying same pescription from medical store and so now i m not going to physiotherapist

Do you mean psychiatrist? (Head doctor.) A physiotherapist is someone who would help you with an injured knee or elbow.

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yes it is psychiatrist

I am glad to hear that you are still trying to get the correct medications, at least. Welcome to the community!

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