I'm going to work out and play the drums today

I’m going to jog, and dribble the soccer ball at the same time. Then I’m going to play the drums today. I’m doing more stuff than I usually do in one day. I hope having a busy day will make my happier. I’ll have to wait and see.


Awesome, let us know how it went.

I love the drums and wanted to play them so badly when I was a child. My parents made me take piano lessons instead. I would go to the piano teacher’s home where her little pug dog would try and sniff under my skirt. God I hated piano lessons lol.

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i hope you having nice day =)
let us know how it went…

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hope you have a good day @Jake

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Sounds like a great day

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I just got back from playing the drums at the drum shop. I was a little nervous because people can here you play the drums, even when you play in private rooms. I was pretty stressed out, not because of the drums. The main reason why I was stressed out is because I was hearing voices, and I was afraid of getting an episode.

Did the dog help you learn how to play the piano.lol lol lol

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I dribbled the ball and jogged. It went pretty good. Overall I had an ok day.

You don’t have your kit? What happened?? Why did you play at the drum shop? Are you not able to play at home?

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