I'm feeling pretty hurt

I brought my son to the dentist. I’m not feeling great so I look pretty awful. Anyway in walks my nieces husband who I thought I got along with. He saw me, got a funny look on his face and turned to sit as far away from me as possible. Feeling kinda sad

Awww I’m sorry.

I haven’t showered or shaved in a while, and today I went to a food pantry. I’m not trying to “one-up” ya as they say.

I just thought I would give an example of how I can empathize.

Take care :v:

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Thank you! :v:

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Aww thats sad, dont take it personal. Do soneting kind for yourself today.

It might not have been anything to do with you. He could have been having a really bad day (he was at the dentist afterall !). He could be socially inept too.

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Thank you both! Yeah could be he was in pain. And I’m doing something good for myself…watching hockey!!!