I'm closest to my parents

I have few friends and since I have become ill I have been very close to family. I live in the same village as my parents and my sister, brother in law and nephews. They are my life.

But I worry I am too dependent upon them. Don’t know how I would do if they moved away. This is a worry of mine.

I face that same dilemma. My family- my kids, mom, dad, brother, spouse are all I have and we all live close by. My mom and dad come over every night to check on me. My dad handles all my finances and he currently has stage IV cancer. So I am facing the thought of what to do when they both are gone. I am hoping my dad will live until my dd is of age and then maybe I’d have to go to a community home or move in with my mom. I don’t know how it is going to work out.

Sorry to hear your dad is ill. I think a lot of us with this diagnosis end up relying for family for help. I suppose we are lucky to have family so close and so caring. J