I'm bored out of my gourd

I think I’ll spend the day rhyming. I hope it’s good timing. And if it’s not, hey I gave it a shot.


I’m going to be bored today too.

I have a ton of cleaning to do.

Getting ready for overnight guests, again.

Then a house sitter for four days.

So the house has to be perfect and I have to hide all my sex toys and diaries.

He probably won’t snoop.

But I know I would, so I’m hiding them.


Rhyming, keeping time ing
Flying but Im just mimeing
The planets and Im finding
That this poem is winding



I plan on being quite bored myself today. I’m still self quarantining on the off chance that I do have Covid so I won’t be leaving the house. I really think it was just a really bad cold though. Make the rest of your post today in rhyme leaf, like you said. Should keep things interesting.

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