I'm being spied on

You know who you are. Sucks because I like it here. Now I have to be so careful

You know I’m being spied on too

I wish people would leave us alone

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I think my neighbors know I’m on this forum. I may have to leave here for a while.

Maybe a new anonymous acct?

I can get my Roxanna account back if I want to right?

Yes just ask them to suspend this one

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How are u afraid…

Trying to keep on. But things feel tough. I need sleep. Consistently. And I’m so thankful I see my pdoc monday


I’m being followed too and my phone and internet are bugged

I am so careful what I google. I understand

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its good to be aware but not paranoid…ive said this before. You do whatever you need to do, but not because you think you have to , because you know…