Im addicted just haven't found my substance

im addicted, it is what it is. it’s my personality type. because of my lack of social life I fill the void. lately it’s been coffee and to a lesser extent cigarettes. I stopped smoking yesterday because it was interrupting my sleep cycle. now I have a void again…i’ll try ginger tea again but really that’s not strong enough to satisfy.

I guess that’s why I was such a big fan of wine and weed, it made my life interesting, the music, the relaxing, the sex. it was all I needed to not have a care in the world.

it was always my understanding that I wouldn’t be able to handle other substances because of my addictive personality. so im lucky nobody gives me anything good to get hooked on. just different foods here and there.

that is it for me today…happy thanksgiving.


Yeah i know what you mean. I’ve got an addictive personality too. At the moment it’s just coffee and ecigs though. Could be worse…


I am too but on naltrexone my addictive behavior has been drastically reduced.

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How did the surgery go?

The first day was hellish pain. But now I’m doing much better. Went well thanks for asking!!

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The first cigarette I smoked I felt a void or craving I’d had since I was a kid finally get fulfilled. Still haven’t quit I started when I was 16

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