If your life was a book would anyone read it?

This was in a navy commercial (thank you to navy vets) when I was in high school, I used to think about this a lot. Now I feel like if anyone picked up my book they would read the first couple or current pages and burn it lol. Anyone have a good book story life? What would it be titled? Mine would be junkies curse.


If I recover. It’d be a good rags to riches spiel.


I wouldn’t even read it myself.


The man with infinite hope…


My Book Would Be Interesting. Not Being Said With Much Ego. People Have Much Bloodlust Begging in Their Forms. I Lost Everything in One Year. Out of My Hands. And Beyond My Control.

Much Confusion. My Soul at Stake. Philosophical Ramblings. Fear. Hope.

Maybe Some Love.

But!, Most Who Had The Boring to Read it, Would Say it’s Copying George Orwell’s 1984.


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I think a lot of people would read my book.
I lead an interesting life.
A lot of it tragic

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No one would believe any of it.


Ironically, the only part that would interest people is probably the schizophrenic years.


It would have no title or cover art just a book used as filler for decoration. They would read it on chance and after reading it, wonder why someone spent so much time on the internet.

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Probably not. And honestly I tend to be a rather private person so I don’t know how interesting my book would be. If people want to read my life like a daily journal I believe they would die of boredom.

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I think they would, doubt I write one, but my life was a roller coaster ride

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Probably not because it’s not really a happy ending.

Honestly? Don’t think so, In terms of actual eventful ness I’m pretty passive for most of the time I’ve been alive. only mid twenties though. Maybe I just have an over exaggerated view of excitement in lives outside of my own because of media: films, novels and music?

I’ve had a tragic life, but so far meaningful. So far I’ve had seizures, mental illness, childhood abuse, paralysis, physical disability, etc…not sure if it’s interesting though.

If it was short enough, I think so.

I’ve written about some events in my life before in a short form, and the story was interesting enough that some people apparently read it.

I wrote a book about my experience with delusional journey…people DO read it…and it makes me feel good.

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I’ve written two books - one about my mental illness journey and other my religious/spiritual journey. Hope to get them published so I can help and bless others :blush:

If my life was a book it would be a comedy.

It would be a very boring book, :crazy_face:

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