If you wanted to work a 6-10 hour week- what would you consider? Supported work?

I’m thinking of starting work to save money for a part time degree in ceramics and glass part time
I can’t clean or garden (physically) and I’m unskilled 43 year old woman

It needs to be supported so , something pretty basic

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Can you do reception work?

I have volunteered in Reception work when i was young and up my own arse.

But i think there would be computer skills i don’t have or voice skills i don’t have


oH just had a thought

i’ll apply to clean ferry when it comes in for changeover there are always jobs going

shucks - no jobs at the minute i can keep it in mind
but my back is pretty terrible maybe i really can’t clean

What I do (housekeeping) is unskilled, but it’s very physically demanding. Perhaps a cashier position? They can train you how to work the equipment.

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yeah …

i wonder if the farm shop is hiring…
can’t do supermarkets too many of the staff are mean

Would you be willing to do something fast paced like food prep? It’s basically just standing there other than walking for the ingredients.


Bussing tables is easy, and you can work part-time. I like it.

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My own business. That and that alone.

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