If you could Invent, Discover, Patent, Solve, or Cure Anything, What Would it Be?

I was thinking about finance and the stock market, but I think I would go with something I could program and patent when it comes to AI and robotics. You? I don’t know. I have no clue. It’s just fantasies here. Robotics always fascinated me. If I major in computer science, I could work on automation and design machines like you see in the super markets or in industry and manufacturing. Not sure if an engineering degree would be more useful. It always fascinated me. Like some type of algorithm, which is unlikely. Also would work on encryption and cryptocurrencies just to see if I could do it and on my free time? I would add it to my resume. Just for shits and giggles.

So what would you do besides curing mental illness or physical illness? Think of something interesting that is unique and applies to you or your community.


I would like to eliminate racism and racial profiling…

I would do away with porno and encourage people to live a non promiscuous lifestyle…

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I’d love to bring something new to the table on quantum mechanics. But I’m useless at mathematics. So that’s just a pipe dream.


I want to leverage AI to perfect video game balance. First I want to figure out RPG balance, then Action RPGs, then fighting game balance maybe?

This feels like a harmless creative outlet that can keep me occupied for years.


Space travel seems very appealing but dangerous, aliens might be mean to me or us,

If we could terraform a few planets that would be nice


I want to produce a sensuous adult film about a total nerd with a foot fetish who steals a bunch of jerk’s girlfriends.




There’s large world problems but I would want to discover a device or substance that lets people like me enjoy the present and block negative thoughts. I’d like to eat my sushi in peace, please. Being able to relish the moment no matter what, on demand and stopping intrusion is on top of the world for my sz self.


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