I would like to delete my account

@SzAdmin Can you do that? I read the terms of usage and I would just discontinue use but I have pictures and personal posts on this website that I’d really like to have permanently taken down. Plus security is always an issue. And no, I don’t wish to contribute to any research. We should really have an “Opt in” kind of thing here. It’s kind of unethical.

I’m not trying to push you out of the forums, if that is what you think. It was one topic that I didn’t think was right. You don’t have to leave because of that.

Go to hell.

Adding 15 characters.

Okay? That’s seriously uncalled for. Do what you want then. Hope you find some peace in your life.

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Snowy several of your posts indicate you are more symptomatic than you claim. Is it really a good idea to lose out on the good support you can get here?

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There is, it’s called creating an account and posting. The Terms of Service were here before you and you agreed to them when you signed up.

You can delete individual postings, you may change these too, you can also change topics of threads you have created. I changed my topic ‘Gay club, some voices’ to 'Gay club, some voices, example for SnowyOwl*

There is a song with lyrics ‘imagine if there was no hell, no heaven’ …