I wonder if it's possible

I wonder if it’s possible for people with mental illness to adopt children? Considering I’m also a single male, that most likely slims the odds as well. But it would be great if we could get to that point.

i’ve heard that it could be possible but you need to pass all of their assessments and you need an extra room for the child as well.

If you are looking into adoption first impressions always count. Children’s services look for the following things

  • How much space is available?
  • Cleanliness of the home
  • Hygiene of the adoptive parents
  • Income
  • Maturity level of the adoptive parents
  • How much food is in the home

Wear a white dress shirt, beige,navy,black slacks (no jeans) , polished dressed shoes, haircut, clean shaven for any upcoming interviews with the Department Of Children’s Services. Good luck! :sunny:

i think you have to have a really good attitude about it as well, they need to be sure that you are able to deal with the hardships of becoming an adoptive parent.

you can not in australia .
take care

When my in laws were looking to adopt another child, they hid the fact i lived with them and my illness from the social worker.

It all boils down to the doctor unfortunately. I had a relative that refused to take medication while pregnant fearing harm to her baby. She had a record of being unstable and according to her doctor she wasn’t fit to be the mother of her own child even if she continued meds after birth. DHS got involved and we had to fight tooth and nail to keep the child in family custody. If your doctor sees you’re stable and for to be a parent then it will be hard but not impossible to have a child. It all depends on past present and a prediction of future behaviors. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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There are some things I think are the furthest from my mind. The things I’d be least likely to want to do. And thats one of them…

i have pondered over this as well,

i looked up all the relevant websites and i was really keen to do it,i just want a child so bad it was hurting i still do its just i kind of thought about it really hard and ended saying,

why would i want someone else’s child, i mean its not that i dont like children but i would just prefer my own, my own flesh and blood that is part of me and not someone elses child, its not that i dont like them or that i think any less of them as human beings, do you know what i mean?

i said this to my friend who is adopted and she said ‘but i am adopted’ and i ended up saying ‘i better stop now as i am digging myself into a hole’ she was very nice about it.

I can see your side of that. passing on one’s own genetic make-up… I would love to have my own kid too. But with so many on the earth, and so much science telling me that my genetic make-up is flawed, I would be more then willing to adopt an amazing baby and raise it. Just one more child saved from a broken system.

I have friends, a married couple with a 5 year old biological daughter, who are trying to adopt. It’s been an extremely difficult process for them. It’s taken them over 2 years. And they’re still not approved yet.

And they’re both mentally healthy. They also have high incomes and plenty of room in a new house.

If the adoption process is that hard for them, I can’t imagine what it would be like for us–the lower income mentally ill.

But don’t let adversity deter you! If that’s what you really want, go for it!



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I am so sorry… My brain just went… Clang… The new partner has to go through the adoption process to have a say in the daughters life, even though they are married and one person is the biological parent? They can’t take the daughter away from the biological parent can they? The child is in a good home… why would this be an issue?

No, the adoption is not with the biological daughter. They are trying to adopt a NEW child together. Even though they are already parents to this healthy biological daughter, the couple is having a hard time adopting a new daughter.

Sorry if the previous post was confusing!



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Wow… with so many children in a broken system one would think that having a healthy child already, the means, the room, the willing… it wouldn’t take TWO years. I hope this works out for them.

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if you found someone and started a proper family then you wouldn’t need to adopt, you would have an amazing baby anyway,

there will still be plenty of people that can adopt that cant have children naturally or are too old, i am sure there are still lots of people who could take care of an adopted child.

tbh i think that our race of people (if you can call us that) are one of the races with the less amount of population proportion to the rest i.e. black, chinese etc and i think we are more tham entitled to have a family,

even if we have a mental illness whats stopping us doing that if we are stable enough and able

just think of all those kids in Africa born with aids and malnourished and dying of hunger, we are lucky that we are in a position to bring up a kid properly in our society without all of those bad things.

I seriously think about this. You may have seen some of my emotional posts about being the last male in my family tree and how I sometimes want to have a biological son, but half of the time I think about adoption. I don’t know if having a mental illness is something like a block but I would imagine that your level of functioning would be the deciding factor. If you were to be in remission and have a stable partner who isn’t mentally ill, I would imagine you should be allowed to adopt, but that’s just my reasoning. I sometimes think that raising a child would be a nightmare and sometimes I think that it would give me something to live for…it’s hard to imagine these things at 20 years old.

But honestly, I think being married would be my biggest priority when I leave school. I just think that I would be happier to settle down as early as possible, kids or not. I am rather clingy when it comes to relationships, I invest too much of my happiness in girls opinions of me.

My friends give horrible advice, they just “get pussy” and few of them have had real relationships…and one of them was in love (he says) with a druggie bipolar girl, so his experience with relationships isnt a good reference (he dated a mentally ill girl who used lots of drugs, thats not normal)


That’s interesting. I would also love to have a baby with a wife… I’ve never taken race into consideration. My Dad is half Scottish and half Mexican. My Mom is half Irish half Japanese. My family has a little of every single race on earth in our blood. I’m told there is a Jamaican Great Grandfather in there somewhere… (Which is why my sis is addicted to Reggae Music) I just meant with everyone saying that SZ is in the genes. I could have a kid and not pass on the Sz.

Non-sz kids are in no way ready for marriage at 20 either. My sisters friends who are Non-sz are in no way ready to settle down and do the family thing. Many nations are seeing families starting at a later age.

i suppose it all comes down to what type of person you prefer (and i’m not just talking about looks)

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I’m looking for any girl with a kind heart, patient and thinks I’m hilarious. I would most likely go for a surfer girl because we would have that passion in common.