I wish I had more "likes" to give


I just got that message again… “I have reached my like limit.”

just like in life…

I give all my hearts away too quickly… :hearts: “like”

I wonder how one can increase their ability to like.


Part of the value of the likes is that there is a limit to them - so you really have to think whether you like something.

Of course - thats not an issue until you start bumping into the limit, Like you have.

I’ve actually already increased the like limit once - but think its now better if we don’t increase the limit any more.

The “likes” are used by the software to help identify the top posts. If you like everything - then it doesn’t really help the system to identify these “most-liked” posts.


Here have one of mine. Didn’t think we got a limit on the member accounts only basic, guess I was wrong. Guess you’ll just have to go back to bed until it resets then.


I do believe the limit is 30? Which is a lot :wink:


NO MORE likes for you…bad boy…very bad boy…lol.
take care


@SzAdmin, What does the software do after it has identified the most liked posts. As I remember, it used to show the number of likes after each topic so we could find the more popular topics. I miss that and also miss knowing when the original post was made.


@Twang The total number of post with most red color.

Something like [topic subject…] [color=“Red”] 30[/color] 2 11


70 is a ton of likes.


You know I hate this like thing.

It was all started by that FB. I don’t like their scamming, tracking, tricking ways to try and make money on what I like!
But I have an addiction to family pictures from people that I don’t get to see enough.

you all know that everything you do is being tracked by the internet and those Russian sites.
aaaaa I said a code word. stop calm down no it can’t be true, well maybe it really is.

but now I’m not going to worry about it any more…see I’m recovering!