I will try


I put intention to draw better. I will join courses Monday… course for preparation exams for entering art academy. They started September but I will join Monday… I will try to pass exams summer. If I fail I will try again next year then I surely will pass them. Now I need to practice drawing everyday as much as I can… I will post here what I will draw during courses


Good luck! I quite like your drawings. You definitely have talent and it should be cultivated with your art course. Don’t forget to post some of your latest creations that you do in the art class.


Good going… :paintbrush:


It’s a good way to spend time.

After my first depressive break in 1993 I did a lot of oil paintings. They are still floating around friends and family and are still pretty good in hindsight. I went on to smoke a lot of pot…that cured me of artistic endevour until going psychotic in 1999. I bought all this art stuff to get back into it but sz really was cruel to my artistic side. Just no motivation.

Good luck to you. And please. Share your work!


That’s good news @spooky! I am sure you will do good. Keep us posted on your progress.


I think in 2 years if all goes well I will join writing, poetry or music classes.


Looking forward to seeing your work! Inspired by your motivation! Proud of you for working hard!


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