I will not buy any more games on pc

xbox is better…i like playing in my bed with xbox


only league of legends but its very tirying

What games do you like playing ?

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I like playing classic games most

I don’t play consoles anymore. I like RTS games and the best ones are on PC.


Age of Empires 2 is the only game I play now. Too old for the gaming stuff.

You all should try Europa universalis 4 or company of heroes are good rts. Or total war series

Have Company of Heroes. Am a big fan of the Total War series. :slight_smile:


Im more of a PC person - Ive got about 50 odd games on Steam. Ive got an XBox one - but i honestly havent touched it for months.

I cant get along with gamepads either - i find them difficult to use, cos one of my fingers on my left hand is knackered. im more of a keyboard and mouse kinda guy.

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I have Xbox controller on my pc, i tried to use it but I can’t get used to it as well. I always dreamt about a console, but it was just a dream. Right now I just start a game and quit after 20mins as I can’t be bothered to play after my relapse. Maybe I should play something idle like runescape?

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