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I will be 100% vegan in 2 weeks!


This is amazing and I am so excited for this because I have been feeling guilty and lazy for a very long time.

I spoke with my partner and we decided we will subscribe to a weekly food home delivery service.

It is double what groceries cost me per month but it is a lifesaver + we both will lose the weight.

I will get the vegan meals for me and the paleo low carb for him. I am certain in a matter of months we will both lose all the extra weight.

I will also be a vegan! I am so relieved. Can not wait to start in 2 weeks, after we come back from vacation.



isn’t 100% vegan a little extreme? We are omnivores after all. I’m trying to get to 80% vegan


80% is good too.

I guess you are right. I will still eat some ice cream or crave cheese. Who knows.

I am excited to cut out beef and chicken the most.


“I did this book ‘Harvest for Hope,’ and I learned so much about food. And one thing I learned is that we have the guts not of a carnivore, but of an herbivore. Herbivore guts are very long because they have to get the last bit of nutrition out of leaves and things.” - Jane Goodall

I wonder if that’s true.

Anyway, the vegan thing is tough, but doable.

Much easier when you got support.

Good luck!


I wonder if I’m an 80% vegan as I eat bread and pasta and sometimes cakes, etc.



You can be vegan and still healthy. If you eat enriched cereal you’ll get your b12, and you can get it from enriched rice milk and soy milk. Also there are many complete proteins that are vegan so you’ll be fine. You can also get vegan omega 3s.


I was vegan for eight months.

My mum n I went vegan and she is still vegan.

I eat meat and dairy now I believe it is nourishing.

It is strict and expensive.

Is it a company that delivers meals?


yes it is a local company


I found several.

Honestly, we are already spending a fortune on food, now I will only have to buy milk, bananas and detergents.

Our food expense will be one place and we will get healthy!

I do not have energy to cook lots of meals everyday and I want to become vegan, it is tough.


I was vegan for about a year,

Wouldn’t do it again, but I’m happy that you’re happy about it!

I do a weekly food delivery service too,

Its expensive, but it cuts down on food waste and does help with weight issues.

You learn how to cook something new and possibly something you would have never tried, its low calorie, fresh, and in a year I’ve only had about 4 meals I really didn’t like.

Good luck, @selene!


Good luck @selene !
You are an awesome member of the forum!
Good luck with everything in life!


Prepare to have a few weeks of intense cravings for the foods that veganism restricts. It’s your body getting used to the new food you’re eating. If u work out for a month before going vegan it will make u crave more apples and bananas instead, as well as smaller portions.


That’s awesome @selene, good luck! I am about 80% vegan. I need those eggs and milk to make pancakes and soup, etc.


Being vegan should be about saving money and world resources.

Just buy fresh fruits and veggies, legumes and cereals and not the useless and expensive ‘vegan fake meat’.


Has anyone tried a all meat products diet?



Selene, I read somewhere that the singer Robbie Williams has gone on a vegan diet. It helped him lose weight and get fit. When I read that you will be trying it, I think I should be having a go at the diet myself! If I was going to go 100% Vegan it would be to lose weight. I am also concerned that too many antibiotics are being used which would have health implications if I got a serious infection. We’ll see :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m focusing my diet on ground beef, fried fish, bread, cheese, pasta, veggies and invega. I’m filling out nicely