I was such a winner I had a nervous breakdown

There’s such a thing as being too popular. How do celebrities do it? I think they learn to shut people out while still being polite. They have to.


I think the key is try to see yourself in everyone. “They’re all really just like me.”.

Linkin Park says they don’t act like celebrities. They talk to their fans and listen to them.

:heart: I knew I wasn’t wrong in liking them more than the rest.


The singer Sia covers her face so she can go to the grocery store and not get mobbed by fans.

I often think why fans are so rude. That is not admiration. It might be jealousy.


I think it can affect anyone regardless of being a “winner” or “loser”. I was a winner and I had a nervous bteakdown, a couple of them actually.
There are a lot of famous people that lose their ■■■■ in one form or another. It’s sad how society turns on them after, even the mentally ill.

But in general whenever I succeed in something and receive praise or get attention, I just wanna hide.

Anything that puts me at the center of attention can make me want to faint or gets my heart racing, whether its something good or bad. Think the only way to deal with that anxiety is to just keep doing it anyway.

Otherwise I like to become a smart-ass to ward people off.

I hate it when I get recognised when I’m out and people come up to me and ask for my autograph.


May I ask what you’re famous for?

I was just joking chordy. I’m not famous. I don’t even wish I was to be honest. I quite like not being famous.

interesting what gets response.

I like to clear up mysteries.

I would never want to be famous. When I was in boot camp someone told me I was going to be famous one day.

Those words still haunt me to this day.

It reminds me of that AA aphorism - “Being right all the time nearly killed me.”

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