I want to learn how to make delicious chili

I used to hate chili because my Mom always made it so bland without any spices or anything. But I’ve tried different chili’s lately and some have them have been amazing. I want something spicy but tolerable, with some meat, and maybe some dairy. If u have any ingredients or recipes id be glad to use them. I enjoy cooking. Its like therapy for me. Even though i rarely do it

I like to use the black beans in chili sauce for my chili. I usually just make basic dump chili, though, because I’m lazy.

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Get creative! Read recipes online and start making a list of things that sound fun. I enjoy all kinds of things in my chili; coffee, beer, chocolate, pumpkin, etc, but I tend to stick with homely classics; combination of beans (kidney beans are a must), meats and loads of spice. You can get endlessly creative but the trick is to find what suits you and expand on it.

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I like it with some garlic salt and siracha.


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