I want to emigrate to australia

I want to live in Australia it is the land of the great…

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Can the people from Australia tell me how great it is I wanna learn great things about this beautiful country

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It used to be great. We have some serious problems these days.

Usual things. Immigration is hard and always has been unless your white and have relatives.

Social security is so much worse than it used to be and if your unemployed your stuffed and need family support. Not that long ago you could pay rent, smoke cigarettes and still buy a carton of beer for your share house. Now Cigarrettes are taxed to shite…it’s like $30 or more for a pack of 20’s. Beer is expensive and rent is high.

It’s not what it used to be!

Hello @rogueone u sounds like a great man in a great country.

Thanks for the advice.

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