I want to draw something horror

Where I can find some inspiration

Chat gpt generated me this scene

But I think it’s too complex

“In the moonlight’s eerie glow, a decrepit, abandoned mansion stands atop a hill, shrouded in mist. The ancient trees surrounding it seem to reach out with gnarled branches, casting elongated, skeletal shadows across the overgrown, cobweb-covered yard. Broken windows leer like empty eye sockets, and the front door creaks open, revealing a pitch-black interior. As you peer inside, a pair of malevolent, glowing eyes emerge from the darkness, sending a shiver down your spine.”


I don’t understand half of the words….

Do you know anything horror I can draw?

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You can draw something like this…

Did it from Canva but need to pay for HD image but everything is text generated image. How AI can imagine crazy…


I had a dream about vampires. Draw a vampire!

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