I want to cut down on smoking

I want to cut down on smoking.

I would like to not smoke when I get out of the shower until my hair dries. It often takes two to three hours for my hair to dry after I shower. I understand that wet hair especially absorbs the stink of smoke.

I found that E-cigarettes did not really control the cravings for the two to three hours I wished to abstain from smoking after I showered.

My family doctor prescribed lozenges for me. Last time after I showered, I sucked on a lozenge for two hours and didn’t smoke.


PS My family doctor said he couldn’t remember which lozenge to prescribe to get my insurance to pay for it. He said if the insurance doesn’t pay for it, have your pharmacist contact me as to which one I should use.

The prescription went to the pharmacist from the doctor’s office, so I waited three hours and called. Erol the pharmacist came to the phone and said, “Yes, your insurance covered the lozenges.” When I went to pick them up, they asked me for $3.65. Because I haven’t had a copay for months, I asked about that. Erol said, “Well, usually both your insurances pay for your scripts, but on this particular one, only one of them paid.” I wanted to ask, “Is this the best I can do?” but the social interaction with the pharmacist is difficult for me. I gather to a guy making $50 an hour my $3.65 doesn’t matter to him. Incidentally, I have eleven refills on this script


I’m sorry you had to pay. It isn’t up to the pharmacist these days. The companies they work for would fire them in a NY minute if they didn’t charge you the copayment.

I’m a pharmacist. We now have to fight for our jobs much harder than we used to. Once you find a job the work load is pretty bad too. The hours are usually brutal as well. I left a job working a 70 hour week at night. Is it any wonder I got sick? I just found one the doctors would approve of. It took me 2 years to find it.

Everybody has their crosses to bear.

Good for you, making an effort! I smoke at between 10 and 15 cigs a day, but I have only been smoking since I was 18 and now I am 20, so i tell myself I’ve got time to quit.

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I tried to quit once with nicotine patch. It worked until i completed all the steps, after, i start having depression and nervousness so i start smoking again. But i am going to try again, this time i will slowly reduce it and than within 6 months i will quit. The med already altered my brain its very difficult to quit now. If i was not taking antipsychotic i would have quitted by now.

Right. My friend Bob who knows this pharmacist says he is empathetic and quite compassionate about people paying huge sums of money for medications. Bob says, the pharmacist probably just didn’t think $3.65 was an issue.

My concern is maybe I could have gotten another brand that would have been covered by both insurances, thus eliminating the copay.


My girl tonight said, “Your hair smells really nice.” (!)


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I want to cut down on smoking too. It’s so cold out that outdoor smokers like me have another reason to cut down at this time of year.