I want to be addicted to some video game

I want to be so addicted to gaming that I like. And spend hundreds hours in it
September I will start exercise I will start going to swimming pool.

I now updating elder scrolls online but I cannot play it as much as I want becouse of schizophrenia… I cannot force myself to play video game

I hate myself when I don’t play video games

Dont force yourself. Try some games, read reviews. It Will be fine.


Try monster hunter generations on switch. That’s a really good game. But there are plenty of other hobbies besides gaming. You don’t have to force yourself.

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Dude if you developed a video game addiction you’re going to go manic because of all the mental stimulation from the game and then become completely depressed later

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I don’t have switch…I will not play today going to sleep

I don’t think I am going develop addiction

If you have a PS4 monster hunter world is even better.

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OK that’s good i hope not 74737388

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What’s your preference genere of game and console?

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i dont have ps4 i have xbix but i tried monster hunter world i didnt get in to it

idk i like both… currently i am in pc… my preffereted ganre is rts and mmorpg

i also would like to play diablo, but dont have money for it now

Hmmm… well there is Path of Exile, its on pretty much every platform now and its essentially Diablo but has a way way longer story line. The skill tree is different as well, I’m not sure if that makes the game better or worst but i pretty much no life’d it upto level 45 within a week :smiley: something considered by your original post of wanting to spend hours!

Edit : Its free as the most important part!

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yeah i know , i tried it yerar ago… idk if its different now… but its very difficult… i will play starcraft

Yes starcraft is really addictive…especially 2vs2.

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