I want this job!

I submitted my resume to this job a week ago. Someone text me and told me to expect a call in a day or two. I never got the call. I text back today and asked when I will get a call and she said maybe Friday. If not, Friday, then the following week. I feel like I am being jacked around :frowning:

Obviously, I can’t be rude because I want the job! but I have been waiting a week to hear from them. It is a remote software sales job where I can make over 100K a year selling software and have the chance of getting promoted to sales director in the next few months and make several hundred thousand dollars per year. The most I have ever made is 96K and I have been on SSDI and making 18K a year for 5+ years now.

I am just moaning and ■■■■■■■■ because I want the job. If I get it, it would be, by far, the best job I have ever had. It is a brand new software with very little competition in it’s area. I would LOVE to demo software from home all day and make dolla’s!!!

Pray for me!!!


Good luck @non-average


Thank you! I could really use the money.


I have literally applied to hundreds of jobs. Zeroing in on one probably isn’t the best strategy but I hope you get it.


I know. You’re so right. I just want it so bad because it would be the best job I have ever had. It makes the other jobs look pale by comparison. If I don’t hear from them next week, I will move on.

Update! I got an email from them saying they will call me after Thanksgiving :slight_smile: I can’t wait! 6 figures, here I come! lol. @TomCat I took your advice and applied to several other jobs, in case this one doesn’t pan out.


This is all very positive! I’m rooting for you!

Thank you so much! At 52 years old, I have NO savings or retirement. I have some catching up to do. This job has opportunity for growth so my income could grow exponentially. I was looking at new cars today. My current car is a $3500 POS, lol. I want to get a 2021 Nissan Altima Loaded. How fun that would be! C’mon MUNNY!

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Awesome!!! 1515

I wish I was smart enough to get a six figure a year job. Then I could retire after a few years.

Well I hope the call goes well. Congratulations to you.

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Even if I do make 6 figures, I can’t retire for a long time. I am way behind the 8 ball! I have NO retirement or savings at 52! I have a lot of ground to make up. I have a wish list of things I would love to buy too, not the least of which is a new car.

I hope the call goes well too! I am holding off on other opportunities to see where this one goes. Like I said, it’s my dream job.

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Good luck!!! I am also in software.

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Are you? Do you love it? What kind of software do you sell?

This is a software that services the ENTIRE healthcare industry in a way that is remarkable and has little competition, if any. It has only been selling for 2 months! Brand new! But the head company that owns the software company, owns many very successful companies, so they are very stable. I am not allowed to say the name of the company or software yet. Wouldn’t matter if I did, since it is virtually unknown still. I am so excited! It would be the best job I have ever had, if I get it.

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