I want my life to have purpose

What is the chance that min 101 will get approval?
Does somebody know how much percent it will approve your negs and cognition?
Because i undergo the simvastatin trial and that suppose to improve 10% symptoms overall.
So i want to know how much of the person i was can i get back. Or can i even get better than who i was, with the current investigational drugs?

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I always post topics too early f.uck me

I don’t know, I would like to know too!

Abilify is supposed to help with negative symptoms. But in my case it doesn’t seem to. :confused:

Have you tried vaylar?

No. I might try rexulti when it becomes available in Europe though.

Is it already approved in europe

No, next year for rexulti.

If you want your life to have purpose, you have to do the things in life that give it purpose…it’s not going to come from any pills, no matter how great they claim to be.

But if i get to be the person i was. My life will get purpose. In my current state i can’t do anything except whining and being depressed.

I think you can have a purpose even with this disease. A purpose doesn’t depend on meds.

Anyway, I’m testing memantine and it has done some stuff for me. I’m more comfortable in social interactions. I don’t know if it’s just a psychological thing (because I’m doing social skills training as well), but things are getting better for me. I feel like a normal person with no avolition (sometimes I yawn a bit, but it’s not a big deal). I study, do physical exercises and read a lot.

Life doesn’t work in reverse.
It’s okay to look in the rear view mirror, but you’ll never get anywhere worth going if you don’t look forward.

Take your parking brake off, get back on the road, and drive somewhere worth going.
Whatever you were before that you want to return to, will keep you stuck in that cycle of being the old fart that drives folks away because all they remember are the good old days, but if remembered correctly, weren’t all that good.

You are right i dont want to be the person i was i want to be better. But thats only going to work if there are better meds. So thats why i had these questions

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I don’t know if Minerva has published their phase 2 results, but usually different people are helped different amounts. For one person, a medicine might be nearly miraculous, for another, awful. And most people somewhere in between.

Why would you preffer Rexulti instead Vraylar if you don’t mind me asking ? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Abilify works for me and rexulti is the “son” of abilify(abilify’s successor) . rexulti is supposed to have less anxiety associated with it.

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Sodium benzoate is supposed to have an average 21% improvement on negative symptoms.

That’s fine, as long as you don’t rely solely on a pill to get you where you think need to go.