I want a new tattoo

I want a cute female Cthulhu locked in a cage with vines and flowers growing around the cage bars


What are y’alls thoughts

My thought is you need to go to the hospital to see if your baby is okay

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@ninjastar I’m going to the doctor soon (calling Monday) but I’m thinking later on… I’m kinda lonely today

I’m just very concerned about you. How is your pain level?

The tattoo sounds super cute

@ninjastar I don’t have any pain today just feel very heavy in the belly area

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I still think you should go to the hospital. Why don’t you want to?

@ninjastar I live with my mom and she won’t let me unless she thinks my life is in danger

Aren’t you an adult? You don’t need your mom’s permission to go.

@ninjastar I can’t afford an ambulance ride and the keys were hidden from me mom would get pissed if I went to the hospital

That’s really messed up. You might need emergency care.

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@ninjastar I’m sure I’m fine I feel no pain I’m not bleeding at most I might get a small infection

Tattoo your soul by being faithful to sth you see as right, this will be more satisfying!

If you aren’t having an emergency why would you need an ambulance? Get there some other way.

@TomCat I have no one to take me

This sounds quite nice. I hope you can find an artist who can express herself/himself, and get yourself a nice tattoo.

I myself would start with a sleeve.

It resonates with me deeply, since I spent a lot of time in forests when I was growing up - surrounded with old tales and legends.


The tattoo sounds awesome yo!!

But also call an uber/lyft to get to the hospital thats what I do

@Noise I have no money

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