I used to have this dream

Where my ex-boyfriend would leave his wife and get back together with me.

But we broke up nearly 20 years ago and I’m not consciously aware of any real feelings I have to reconcile with him.

I started having these dreams about a decade ago but haven’t had one for a few years until last night when he drove his shiny red flying car right up to my window and asked me to come away. :joy:

Do you have any recurring dreams about stuff whether you understand them or not?


I used to have recurring dreams of going to the mirror and seeing someone similar, but not quite me.

Very scary.

Haven’t had it in a long time.


I’ve been dreaming about high school a lot lately. I wake up and think I need to go to school


I’ve started having a recurring dream about buying an apartment in a big city that I used to live in. In every dream the apartment changes but the area stays the same.

I was at my happiest while living in that area so …


I like it when people show up from the past in my dreams,
spitting image of what they were like.
I think it shows I miss my twenties.


I always have recurring dreams of working as a nurse without a nurse license and fearing being caught.

I also dream about shopping in a combination mall, college, library, cafeteria, where I attend school, read books, and go through the food line.

And I have no idea what it all means.


yes I am always designing some huge project with admiration and praise to my intellect…never can shake the dream…doesn’t bother me though.


I have a recurring dream that I really have to use the bathroom but there are no bathrooms available. When I wake up, I don’t even ned to pee.


Same here. I hated high school but somehow I’m back there and not graduating even though I finished college but still don’t have a high school diploma.



I have high school dreams too! Frequently.

Now they’ve become where I’ve done 3 full complete stints of high school and I even complain about it to my peers in the dream.

At least time passed is infiltrating the dreaming. Still it’s not the greatest sleep or feeling.


I have dreams about my ex from 13 years ago and my ex from 8 years ago. I still think about them sometimes too.

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