I think YouTube music is better then Spotify and Apple Music

I love all the dance remixes and happy hardcore remixes. Their are some talented people on YouTube. So I personally think YouTube music is well worth the £11 a month. What platform do you like best?


I’d agree I think YouTube is the best one because you get music plus ad free YouTube and YouTube downloads etc

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I use Apple Music. I still get a student discount so I only pay 5.99€ a month.


YT all the way


I still have Spotify as well but it’s boring.

SoundCloud is good for some things. For dj mixes

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I have Apple Music family subscription

Between three of us we pay £5 a month

Still got a couple free ones tho


Ayyyy you got your old name back haha nice!

I have youtube premium, no ad’s and unlimited music

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I use Spotify when I’m at the gym. I have some Bluetooth headphones. Keeps me going on the treadmill

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I have Spotify. I just checked out yt music and it looks good.

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I have youtube premium

I’ve signed up for a free trial of yt music. I really like the fact I can play music videos too. I might make the switch from Spotify. We’ll see.

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I’m sticking with my vinyl collection. I can’t watch visual media for long before I get mentally fatigued, or else I might be interested in youtube.

I like Spotify. I use it mostly in the car. YT isn’t as good for driving or skateboarding.

I agree. I pay for Youtube Premium for my Firetv Cube. Tho i have an ad blocker that gets rid of the YT ads on the Rig.

Nothing worse, when your armchair dancing to some concert - and a poxy ad pops up.

Ive got Prime Music for free - but they pissed me off when they change it to shuffling songs only. So dont use it.

Spotify is ok. But i prefer the music videos that go along with it - and YT is far better at it.

I might check out YouTube music. And switch to that.

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