I think when we say "welcome to the forum"

We just end up running the new people off I notice it happens a lot that someone will post once and then just leave

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I’m not sure that’s true. Why would welcoming them to the forum “run them off?” I think people leave for different reasons.


Why would a friendly welcome scare off new members?


You’re probably just being funny or ironic or sarcastic or something.

Yeah i noticed that

I dont know i just feel like they get unwanted attention and then think “nah this place is lame” or something like that

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Yeah, maybe it’s too much pressure for them to be greeted by so many people.

But they must understand we’re just being friendly.


Yeah it was just a thought because i noticed a trend with them


Well, this is a forum, not an organization. However, many organizations seem to be structured like concentric circles, and I think I have often taken on step into the outer circle, taken a look around, and then stepped out.

Would you like to know why? In the case of some of those organizations, I don’t think you do.

Secrets exist, I believe.
(Edit) How is this relevant? A paranoid person might think this is actually an organization. (/Edit)

There is a technique known as “love bombing.”

Clint Barton: I’ve done the whole “mind control” thing. Not a fan. - Avengers: Age of Ultron

(Edit) https://www.pinterest.com/pin/346847608780706377/ (/edit)

You know, I never thought of it before, but you may be right. Just in case, the next new person I’m going to ignore completely. Wait, I almost always do. Nvm, carry on.


I think this morning, I may be ALL right. Wait, I, Clint, can use my left hand too.

Ok. In a sense, I’m all right this morning.

Now, back to the subject of not love bombing: I, for one, am not a professional psychologist. “Just watch what other people are doing, and have fun.” - Gatekeeper for the LARPers - “Hawkeye” series.

Maybe they’re just trolls that have gotten thru and then realized that this family can’t be trolled.


I don’t care if you think your family is DARPA, the PRC, or the Russian Mafia. I’m still enjoying this.

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I’ve been on the forum a little bit and notice lots of new members make a big deal of coming on board,

Then disappear.

I don’t think it has anything to do with us.

They just get excited about the forum and quickly lose enthusiasm.

It’s cool.

I don’t like flash in the pan members anyway.


They also do that when they aren’t welcomed. There are a lot of people who join because they want to connect with others who are also ill and verify that what they are experiencing is real and not SZ/SZa. They flee once they realize that is prohibited here because of the site’s focus on recovery.

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Drama much? If you don’t like how this community functions, join another. The whining is getting annoying.

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I had a feeling you were :grin:

My guess is that many were paranoid. This is a public forum for sz after all.

My second guess at what’s going on there is anxiety, low self esteem.


Coorelation does not equal causation

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