I think the reason for mh issues is

I never did any drug other than weed, here lots of students smoked it on schoolground.

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Oh OK. For me, I went to a Halloween party in 2015, and I was persuaded to take mdma crystals.

I was a nervous wreck at the party so I thought OK this drug could make things fun.

Half an hour later, I felt no effects so I naively accepted a lot more mdma.

It was a high dose.

And at the time I wasn’t aware of mh effects of recreational drugs.

Oh OK weed is legal there.

I think that’s bad. Because if it can increase risk of psychosis in a sub grp of people.

And who knows what else it can increase the risk of.

I once read something related to the GI tract. Let me check.

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When I used it Health Canada put a warning label on the packaging saying it increases risk of psychosis.

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