I think my psychiatrist is lying to make me feel better

I feel like he’s trying to reassure me of something thats not possible. From what I’ve read negative symptoms don’t just disappear. He says that all the studies I read are on older people in psychiatric facilities and that my experience could be different. He also says that I should just get used to doing things without feeling motivation or enjoyment and that eventually the feeling may come back. He seems to think I may feel better before we have time to trial some experimental medications like modafinil. Has anyone gotten advice like this? I’m pretty convinced I’m stuck like this forever. It’s a shitty way to live but thats schizophrenia for you.


It can be unpredictable in some and predictable in others. You just never know what cards you got dealt until you turn them over

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I had taken mod alert but later stopped due to headaches, by the way my psychiatrist never said or talked much. I presumed that it was not my thinking gone wrong but just imbalance which cause wrong thoughts.

If you find the right meds you will get back as usual, but one think I learnt never doubt. By the way its just me.

SadboiL, it sounds like he’s taking a different route than normal.

He might be more concerned than you think, and he’s trying to reassure you while treating you.

The lack of enjoyment that might come back is more common than you think.
I’m not sure on the experimental medication which is why I say he’s taking a different route than normal.

The treatment might not fix what you want with the timetable you want.
It may take time.

I wish you best of luck!

Some motivation may come back. I had no motivation for self care, bathing, hygiene, housework or cooking for many years. Now, I’m bathing twice a week, doing self care almost everyday, cooking frequently, and doing a little bit of housework everyday.

Things can change over time.

My negatives went away after time.

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I take adrenaline supplements to help with negatives. I don’t get motivated, not as much with it, but it gives me endurance and energy that lasts me through certain activities.

Look at the things that once gave you pleasure in the past, and keep at it. After a while it could give you a sense of accomplishment. Your psychiatrist maybe making a valid point, although it’s more of a therapy approach.

Sorry I meant a supplement that reduces the production of adrenochrome

In my case, negatives disappeared just like that.

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Negative symptoms in fact gets worse over time, only hope is for sep 363856 the new medicine seems to treat negative symptoms in phase ii trials

Negatives get worse because the patient gets in a rut.
They spend less energy, so their body starts producing less energy.

The only way to combat it is to make a routine where you force yourself to do things each day


Eh, according to wiki and various scientific articles on Google, negatives get worse as we age usually

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I’d say he’s right. The medical literature is outdated

Schizophrenia just doesn’t get much coverage because it is so highly stigmatised

I highly recommend modafinil though. I’ve been using it nearly every day for nearly two years and I have MASSIVELY improved in willpower. Still tired but I can fight it.

You also feel happy on modafjnil. I think it’s the dopamine mechanism it has. No psychosis for me either.

It happened to me. I had pretty extreme negative symptoms and now they’re gone.

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Ask yourself what is the best way to sustain yourself, and let that guide you. You know your own tolerance for pain. Try to keep being constructive, but realize there might be setbacks.

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