I think it took me the last 10 years to re-learn how to live

I lived for so long in a semi imaginary delusional world. It took me 10 years to learn how to live in plain vanilla reality.

It bugs me a little that non schizophrenics can take this for granted.

I thought I was one of them! All the time they were on course and I was veering off course inch by inch every year.


Me too! I would have conversations with a man who was not there for about 4 years and was romantically infatuated with him for that time. It resulted in my divorce this year, too. Now that I’ve come crashing down into reality, I regret how my delusions ruined my life. And it all started even though I was being regular with my medication for 11 years. Go figure!

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Oh. Outch. Sorry about that…

I read somewhere that my delusional disorder is most likely medication resistant.

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I’m told I’m psychotic and have been since 2008. I take my meds religiously.

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It’s easier to spot others delusions etc. than our own. I’m glad you’re taking your meds religiously.