I think I’m in love

Love at first sight. I don’t even believe in that. Jesus Christ she was perfect in every way. Wow. I’m trippin balls.

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I don’t trust you anymore…what meds specifically are you on…you don’t seem well…

My ■■■■■■■ god she was perfect in every way. I didn’t even s the her I could just sense her. I must be topponents.

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that’s what I thought…you can’t say what prescription dosages you are on because you aren’t on meds…

Are you saying he is lying about his illness? :horse::horse::horse:

@GrayBear this guy is a troll…he says he has a pdoc and is on meds…so what’s the big deal? he should say what meds he’s on becuase I don’t like his posts.

i cant even date women bc i am mentally fkd up (generally mentally ill are filed under many different negative stereotypes which prevent any sort of romantic interaction, women have more success

you probably have o% chance at finding someone same as me

Where did you meet her?

I didn’t technically meet her. She walked by me at work.:joy:

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