I started using one of those pill organizer things

Don’t know what you call them but I started using one of those daily pill dispenser things with the slots for each day. I feel better about my meds now. I hardly ever forget, like once a year or something I might and this happened one day last week. I moved what was my pill box out of the childproof place and then had to take a phone call and wasn’t sure if I took them so out of fear of taking it twice didn’t. then the whole next day I cleaned house like a bangi and didn’t need my normal whole pot of coffee to get through the day so assumed I didn’t. But I finally retired myself to the dispenser like my husband uses and it is a great idea. anyone else use one? desimb

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i used to have one, my gran got me a good one when she was alive

I have one of those stacking ones I got from a Senior citizen’s catalog. One box for each day with 4 compartments each. My problem is getting it filled with the pills.

I use one. I love it. There’s no way in heaven that I could manage my medications without it. I’m on 8 different meds, each 2-3 times per day. So it would be impossible for me to remember all of those pills without it. Plus, the pill reminder helps me to know when to refill my meds.

Couldn’t live without it!



My sis used to be in charge of my meds. But I’m trying to learn this and take more control over this part. It’s sort of hit and miss. But I have a safety net. My sis has my back…

When I was planning this escape, I for got to pack the meds… BIG OOPS! :frowning:

But my sis must have known something was up after all because she had everything in her purse. All my meds right there… :relieved:

I’m going to really have to learn how to organize this and be more self-preserving.

my husband has to lock my medication away because am likely to OD on them
those things are really handy
it will keep you right

I tried using those for a while. It confused me, I don’t know why, but it did.

When I use them, I get lax about knowing exactly what I take. I always look at the pills I’m taking to make sure I made no mistakes + to keep my mind a little more alert.

I tried them many years ago, but The whole container would disappear. When I attempted to clean the house in 2012, I found about 7 of the things, empty of course, all over the place.
Can’t use them now, still don’t have a Dr. And ran out awhile ago.

i might get one for my pain meds actually as i’m on the shots for psychiatric stuff so i don’t need one for that. but i’ve got boxes of painkillers and muscle relaxants and tranqs everywhere so i should get one i think.

Sure, I use two. One for the morning meds and another for evening meds. I miss doses frequently. Never seems to bother me. My shrinks tell me if I don’t take my meds longer than two hours past my usual time, then just skip it, and take my next meds at their usual times. They say don’t double up on your next dose to make up for the skipped dose.

I have one too. I would miss a lot if I don’t have it. I can get confused in the morning or evening and not know if I have taken the meds. But it is easy when you can see that because the slots are empty.