I stammer, about to faint with high doses

I can’t talk,
I can’t think,
I can’t move

I must call my psychiatrist


Yes, call your pdoc
Good luck Om

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yea it’s best to get in contact with your pdoc…
good luck for the rest of the day…


300mg clozapine,
500mg chlorpromazine,
75mg nozinan,
250mg haldol shot.
4 aps

Do you have any idea which one is causing it?

This could take time to figure out. Trial and error, reduce one, see if that helps, if not reinstate and lower another one, etc…

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Call your psychiatrist immediately.


You’re the sz and antipsychotics veteran! I think you tried over 10?

I wonder why your pdr keeps you on high doses if you still have symptoms. Are your symptoms worse on lower doses?

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That sounds truly awful. Best wishes for a speedy fix to the situation.

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That’s quite a lot of antipsychotics. I once were
In your shoes and got a comparable dose
Of antipsychotics. Don’t give up in time they will lower your dose as well as they did to my dose. Today I’m on half of the dose I was put on 10 years ago

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That sounds like a really bad situation with all those AP’s. Did you ever try Niacin(vit B3).? It has a reputation for being effective for some to control psychiatric symptoms. Dr. Hoffer talks about mega doses of 2-3 grams daily. But I only take 400mg daily and it helps calm the mind. Anyway, I would try that. It has minimal side effects. The only I know of is that it can cause flushing, but it’s also available in flush free form. It can possibly damadge the liver at high doses, but I think if you are on 4 ap’s it outweighs the risk to try it. If niacin can help you get rid of just one AP it is worth it. The way all those AP’s probably interacts with each other must be awful. Hang in there man.

Am i correct in saying that you stammer (or stutter)? I had a severe speech impediment for 17 years, I stuttered so bad I couldn’t even say my own name. Several years ago I took an obscure supplement called Methoxyisoflavone and it miraculously cured me of the condition, it is gone, without a trace! There are several things that work, one is a herbal supplement called suma root, another is methoxyisoflavone, another is beta ecdysterone, another is turkesterone. All work like a charm, no side effects! If you do try these let me know, I would like to know if it works for other people as well! Some brands work better than others, I have found that Supreme Nutrition Endo Supreme Suma Root works well. These also help out even out blood sugar problems caused by AP meds, that helps too, I feel alot better physically taking these as well. All of these are taken by bodybuilders as well, if you take any of these you will probably put on some muscle mass, don’t worry, they are non-hormonal and are not steroids, won’t hurt you and no side effects.

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