I saw my doopleganger

A couple a nights ago while watching the hockey game on tv I had a visual hallaucnation of my doppleganger standing in the living room facing the mirror with the back towards me. this feaked me out a little as it was the first time this has happened. has anyone had anything similar happen to them or seeing people that aren’t there ???

There are cases of this in paranormal stuff. People see projections of themselves.

In my mind I’d love to think that there exists my doppelgänger and if he and I ever met we’d agree never to tell anyone about each other and have fun switching lives. It’d be greaf

It’s worst when a girl(a friend) comes to you to present you your doppelganger, and you realize that even if he isn’t the same, yet is close enough. How do you react? I was in the friendzone at the time obviously :joy:

It’s hard I know, thinking that someone that looks like you may know you and do wrong stuff and frame you for it (I had a delusion that I would go to prison). :disappointed_relieved: At least it’s what I would think if I had that problem.

Good luck with that :wink:

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