I saw Bigfoot

In Saskatchewan forest he stole my phone after I took a pic of him


Sometimes I look at my feet and, think do they code name me as big foot? Relative big foot? Who are they? Small foot obviously.

There is a movie,


Same concept or worse? I just glanced the movie for couple of minutes, that’s all.

Yeah, I hear you. Those guys are pretty temperamental after a night of binge drinking. I cross the street now when I see one coming towards me and I give him a wide berth.

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Some have seen that guy.

It’s the others pranking people.

They put on a very convincing act to when the real thing goes down.

Sorry eazy. I’ll bring your phone back. But I didn’t steal your phone because you took a picture of me. You see, my wife was in labor with our 77th child and we needed a delivery room fast but when the ambulance came they mistakenly took our human pet, Trump, to the ER instead. Well long story short our baby is good and has a full body of hair.