I need to shave more often

I don’t shave for a month or something. Being vain, I wonder why I look so terrible. I must be sick. Then The brilliant idea of shaving occurs to me. So I shave a little, then shave a lot, then shave some more till I’m clean shaven.

I use an electric razor. So it leaves a shadow. But I do not look like I’m so sick anymore. Feel way more comfortable clean shaven.

I suppose if I looked like this it’d be cool

But then I have to get past the awkward moments of beard growth before I grow a beard this long.

I think I’d rather just shave weekly now or even earlier


Me today


You look younger after you shave. Do whatever feels right. Is your skin sensitive to shaving every week? Lots of guys can’t shave that often


I bought a beard trimmer. Now I spend 5 minutes a week trimming my beard. Ideal for the schizophrenic who can’t work up the motivation to shave every day.


You look really good with a beard!

I only shave my neckline in about once a week because I get razor burn easily.

For my beard I just keep it trimmed with my beard trimmers.

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No comments on my Don Juan artwork on the wall???

Don Juan is a very photogenic cat :cat2::smiley_cat: !

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You just have to say his name then he’ll look right at the camera lol.

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That is a gorgeous photo of Don Juan. He looks regal in that photo.

Nice photo of you too Tupac.


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