I need help for my partner who is caring for me while I’m starting to relapse

Hi I have schizo-affective disorder, and me and my partner are now living together. I’ve been having a bad time as of late, being extremely paranoid, depressed and tearful for no reasons, suicidal and voices and hallucinations have been causing me to be irrational.
My partner has been trying his hardest to help me. But I can see how much of a toll it’s taken on him. He is getting upset with how I’m always unhappy recently and just wants to me to be happy. I don’t know how to help him or get help for him.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for us? I really could use help for him.
Thank you.

You need to work on you. Are you taking meds?

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What are your voices like? Lifelike? Smart or intelligent?

Hi I’ve been missing a few doses if I’m being honest. It’s not intentionally though I just forget then when I remember I can’t take them cause they can only be taken in the morning cause of side effects that cause sleep distruptions and insomnia.

My voices are extremely mean, angry, loud, always there. And they know how to make me upset or scared.

Sounds like you need an adjustment. I would get in to see your doctor ASAP.

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